Great Moments in Ben/Tom Chats.

As Ben has so marvelously done, we’ve taken a brief look at Inter-Group e-mail exchanges which have gone back long before we even had a name. Ha! Punch in the Neck he said. Jerk…. Anyways, I got to thinking, in this age of “on-line” chatting, why not take a look at a brief history of G-Chat exchanges between our storied hero, Ben, and myself.


Now, before I start, I must warn you, Ben and I really have much of nothing to GChat about. Let’s jump….

1:01 PM me: hey alright!
1:02 PM benny: you’re alive
me: i sure am
how about you?
1:05 PM benny: I think so
you ready for tonight?
1:06 PM me: i think so
i got a cd
Wow! Fascinating. I went through almost 3 months worth chatting and, in fact, Ben and myself came out looking like a couple of roosters.
Well, to be honest with you, we don’t really GChat much. We’re more of IM guys, but I have no record of those. Usually our IMs are about baseball, sloggi’s, and “OMG’s.” But, again, I don’t have any records of those. Thankfully.
What I did realize, though, was that it is really fun to take these chats out of context. For example…
1:09 PM me:mother

jungle boogie
1:11 PM are you at work?
1:13 PM benny: yeah
What!? How about this one…
benny: i brought some headphones for DJ Tim

me: and i have my headless shirt
benny: we probably still need some cake and bread…and a knife, maybe
1:16 PM me: and pumpkin
Whoa boy! Let’s not dissect that one. I have a few more transcripts to finger through. Most will read like:
12:16 PM me: get excited
12:17 PM benny: i’m trying
Me too, Ben. Me too.
.el sway

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