Great Moments in Lolabrigada Inter-Group Email History, Vol. 2

In our last installment of “Great Moments in Lolabrigada Inter-Group History”, we thrilled to Tom Lorenzo’s fantastic joke ideas. Today, we look at an email, dated 5/31/05, which was sent by one of our former members at a time when we were trying to determine what to call ourselves:

Here are some names I thought of:

Good Throw Down

Woven Vinyl

Punch in the Neck

The Bras (or Underpants)

Kick the Can

The Doors

xxxxx (name deleted)

It is hard to imagine some alternate reality where, for the last three years, we have performed together in a sketch group called “Punch in the Neck”. It is a well-documented fact that children often subconsciously adjust their personalities in order to conform to the implications of their name, and I’m sure that phenomenon would have occurred if we had chosen to call ourselves “Punch in the Neck”.   

A sketch group with a moniker like that would find itself doing scenes that were “edgy”, misanthropic, and violent. The scenes would have names like “Vomit Mother”, “Greased Death” and “Race Car Ding-a-Long”, and they’d most likely would include gratuitous profanity and copious male nudity.

Thank God that we in what is now called Lolabrigada avoided this fate. Well, except for the “copious male nudity” part.    


3 responses to “Great Moments in Lolabrigada Inter-Group Email History, Vol. 2

  1. here’s a great moment in ben hill email history:

    ” Today I accidentally brought in a
    porn video that I left in my bag from work at the video store the night
    before. I left it in the teacher’s lounge along with a note on it that says
    “Not Ben Hill’s”. None the wiser, they will be.”


  2. I’m thinking about it, and NeckPunch seems like a better alternative than Punch in the Neck. But alas, this is all “alternate world” rumination…

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