Today’s word is “Ew”.


A word I use quite often. Possibly my favorite. It conveys the perfect feeling without saying too much.

“Ew” is for any situation that makes you so sick that real words just won’t do.

As children, we used it while discussing frogs or boogers. As adults, however, the possibilities are endless. You can use “ew” to describe anything from a feeling, to a person, to a trend.

The following is a list of 10 examples that make me, Jenn Dodd, say “ew”. Feel free to agree or disagree. After all, “ew” is a matter of taste.

1. How hipsters always look like morning breath.

2. People who “won’t leave Manhatten”.

3. People who speak with a perfectly normal american accent until they say things like croissant. (pronounced: kwa-sauh)

4. Office voices. I’ve recently had to adopt one for my new job. Where mine sounds a little like a phone sex operator, Ben’s sounds slightly guilty, and Tom sounds like a pervert. It’s hilarious. (Don’t take my word for it though 212-910-2211 x210. Ask for Tom. )

5. When I hear someone say “supposiVely” instead of supposedly.

6. Rolling Stone’s interview with Nick Lachay, in which,” his voice falters. He then puts down the wineglass and begins to weep. It is a masculine cry. Large, errant tears are brusquely wiped away.”

7. Butt holes.

8. Vegans.

9. Vegan’s butt holes.

10. That feeling you get when you’re sober.

I could go on for weeks. So, I’ll stop there. What makes you say “ew”? Lolabrigada wants to know.

Seltzer water and pretzels,



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