A Cautionary Tale From the Lolabrigada Archives…

Tom is on vacation this week. Therefore, it stands to reason that I, Ben, should be on vacation too. Therefore, instead of writing new content, I present the following true-life tale from the Lolabrigada MySpace archives. This hilarious tale was submitted to us by a “friend” who shall go unnamed for the sake of his dignity:

While looking at my bank statement this month, I noticed that a mysterious entity named ‘paycom.net’ charged me $26.91. Not knowing who paycom.net was, I called the number listed on the bank statement.

A customer service representative quickly answered, and informed me that the $26.91 charge was for my monthly membership on the esteemed porn site milfhunter.com.Now, I love milfs, and I love milfhunter.com. No argument there. But I never joined the site. I knew that for a fact. The paycom.net representative agreed to refund my $26.91, which was good, but I nonetheless hung up the phone feeling suspicious.

I dug up some old bank statements, and sure enough I had been charged $26.91 every month since October. This was bullshit! Yes, I’m an idiot for having not noticed the charge before, but I felt ripped off and taken advantage of.

I called paycom.net once again, and got through to a different customer service representative. I said that the charges to my debit card were bullshit, and that I was getting ripped off.

The representative agreed to refund the previous three months worth of $26.91 charges, but also “guaranteed” me that I or someone with my personal information had joined Milf Hunter.

I remained incredulous, so he explained further.

“Well, sir. It looks like what happened is that back in October you got a three-day trial membership on assparade.com”.

No argument there! The wife had been gone that weekend, so I had decided to indulge my love of asses. Finally we were getting somewhere. But, still, I knew I’d been ripped off. What did Ass Parade have to do with Milf Hunter? Mr. Customer Service continued:

“What happened is that when you joined Ass Parade, there were a series of pre-checked boxes offering trial membership on other sites. Milfhunter was one of them. So even though you cancelled the Ass Parade membership, Milfhunter remained active.”

So there it was! What a bunch of sneaky assholes these porno guys are. What I intended as a $5 sneak peak at beautiful rear ends turned into an nine month, nearly $200 membership on a site I never visited! What a rip-off!

But there are two lessons to be learned here:

1: Don’t trust the porn industry.
2. Always check your bank statements.

Otherwise, this could happen to you.

Thanks for reading —



2 responses to “A Cautionary Tale From the Lolabrigada Archives…

  1. Why do MILFs always find a way to take your money? I suppose if they were easy to catch, everyone would be hunting them.

  2. Funny, because this sounds suspiciously like something that would happen to one Benjamin Hill. I’m not saying it DID, just that it would.

    The tip-offs were “wife” and “AssParade.com.”

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