Turkey Ass.

So, my lack of “blogging” was due in part to the fact that I was home sick from work for the past two days. If I’m not going to get paid to blog, well, then I’m just not doing it! Seriously, though, you wouldn’t want to have read what sick Tom would have written. Probably along the lines of…


You know, schematics, modifications and shit like that. So I didn’t blog. What did I do?


How was it? Spoiler Alert! Brilliant! Ok, well, maybe not brilliant. How about… my flu made me throw up, not this movie. I must admit, while I stayed several steps ahead of the plot, I was still willing to see it through. Eddie Murphy played three characters in this tour de force, but two of the three characters really got on my nerves. Basically, Eddie can no longer play a black guy or a black woman. The only acceptable roles he can play is an old Asian man, a donkey, and Pluto Nash. Go figure.


What else did I do?

  • sleep

There it is in all its bulleted glory. I slept. Sure, I did other things, but no one cares about what I have to say about the Knicks current three game win streak. Or do you?

A Knicks post?

.el sway


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