Proud Parent, or Perv?

..Really? “SheneyO” of Youtube land? Really?

Firstly, I will address this strictly based on the “Ew” factor. With television programs like To Catch a Predator and Law and Order: SVU, it seems, to me, that you might think twice before posting this kind of masturbational fodder for pedophiles to a public forum like Youtube. Having your eleven year old daughter gyrate and dance suggestively around her bedroom while you film it may sound harmless, but in fact, you are the cause of several problems.

1. You have just made your child the butt of my blog today. Not only that but, by doing this, have forced me to spend at least 2 hours watching it, calling in my roommate to watch it, smoking a bowl with her, talking about our careers, eating pretzels (again), checking my Myspace twice, and then writing this entry. I really should be looking for a job. Shame on you, “SheneyO”, for being an enabler.

2. You are objectifying your daughter at a very young age. You have allowed her to be “sexy”, and encouraged it by filming her. This means that when she is in high school she will think that she is, like, really pretty, and totally cool, and stuff. She will probably be a cheer leader, and make it really difficult for girls who are a little chubby and kind of shy (but have a lot of interesting one-act plays written and good taste in music) to have a boyfriend. This is because she is wandering around giving out hand jobs (like a scientologist gives out stress tests) because she is more “confident” with her sexuality than I was.

3. You are perpetuating the horrible cycle of parents posting more clips of their kids being “cute” and “adorable”. I hate it when parents think their kids are “cute” and “adorable” (roar!!!). They’re not. They are simply lacking the intelligence to say something of substance, or not coordinated enough to walk/dance/move with any grace or rhythm. Truly, I laugh at this too but, aren’t we are laughing at them, really? This girl, for example, dances with the elegance and style of a drunken noodle.

In conclusion, I am always the victim and every one is annoying.




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