King of Resembling King of Shadows

Hello. Ben here.

As some of you may know, there are several celebrities that I resemble strongly. They are, in order of comments recieved from strangers: Dana Carvey. Emilio Estevez, and Harry Anderson. 




However, there is one individual that I resemble more than all three of these combined. Marvel as I make my first use of the “more” feature…

Holy shit! Looking at the UK cover to Susan Cooper’s young adult novel “King of Shadows” is like staring into a goddam mirror (a mirror that is out-of-doors and facing a large, fog-enshrouded barn-like building). According to wikipedia, King of Shadows tells the tale of Nat Field, a young American who goes back in time to Shakespearean England of 1599.

But screw that. Since my image is used on the book’s cover, I can pretend the book is about anything I want it to be. Therefore, King of Shadows tells the tale of Awesome Ben, a young American who goes back in time to Nixonian America of 1972. There, he spends his time listening to Sabbath, playing pinball, and getting to third base with a different girl every week.

Man, that book sounds great. I wish I was Awesome Ben. Some day, God willing, I will be.


3 responses to “King of Resembling King of Shadows

  1. Should you add Ed Norton to your list of lucky look alikes, Ben?

  2. This UK cover is clearly cooler than the one featured on this book’s wikipedia page… wherein which it looks like two rats are preparing to urinate on a bust of William Shakespeare.

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