What You Know About That?

With tomorrow’s release of Trivia Almanac: 8,888 Questions in 365 Days, written by America’s most famous virgin, Ken Jennings, we here at Lolabrigada wanted to take a moment to pose trivia questions to one of the brightest minds in the sketch comedy world, Slightly Known People’s Erik Bowie. We asked 6 hard-hitting questions. Let’s see how he did…

Me: thank for joining me on this fine morning. So, what’s going to happen here is that i’m going to come up with about six trivia questions to ask you. Are you ready?

Erik: Shoot. I’m ready as rain.


Question #1: What general did GI’s nickname “Top Gun” in the Persian Gulf War?


Erik: I believe that was General Colin Powell… and I think we all know what it was in reference to.

Me: Most likely because his gun was the tops. That is CORRECT! One for one. Off to a good start.

Erik: Nice.


Question #2: Q: What did “Art Fry invent after scraps of paper to mark tunes in his hymnal kept falling out?


Erik: hmmm… Well, I want to say bookmark, but I see no difference between that and a “scrap of paper.” So I’m going to go ahead and, based on his name, go with the fast food industry staple, the Fry-o-Lator.

Me: Close. So very close…. The answer is The Post-It Note. The staple of my industry, reception.

Erik: Again, no difference between that and a scrap of paper. Ah, and wah tan industry it is you luck lucky boy.

Me: We cannot accept scrap of paper or anything else you’ve just said. We could have accepted sticky paper

Erik: Fine


Question #3: What jazz musician got his nickname by shortening “Satchel Mouth”?

Erik: That’s easy. The answer is of course, Negro League and Major League pitching great Satchel Paige. I never knew he was also a jazz man

Me: And he wasn’t. Close, but no. The answer is Louis Armstrong. The consolation to this question is that you got the repeat the words “Satchel Mouth” over and over again.

Erik: I don’t understand how Louis Armstrong is a shortening of “Satchel Mouth”

Me: I think you have to move the letters around to spell out Satchel Mouth


Question #4: What is the most widely eaten fish in the world?


Erik: TUNA FISH!!! If you know what I’m saying…

Me: Zing! I do know what you’re saying, but…. NO. Would you believe, The Herring?

Have you ever eaten Herring?

Erik: What? No, I don’t think so. I’ve heard about it before though.

Have you?

Me:: No, of course not. I thought a herring was a bird


Question # 5: What Lewis Carroll book was banned in China after censors decided: “Animals should not use human language”?

Erik: Alice in Wonderland. That’s the only book I know by Lewis Carroll.

Me: The only one you need to know, cause that is correct!

Erik: Wow, those Chinese are crazy. And yet I sort of agree with them

I don’t mind it so much in books I guess, but in real life I don’t think animals should be talking in human voices.

Me: I agree. Did you see how batshit insane talking animals turned Dr. Doolittle?

Erik: Exactly, and parrots really creep me out.

Me: I’m glad we agree. (side note: Ben, I’m sorry I killed your birds.) Let’s finish up strong here…

Erik: Okay


Question #6: What model appeared topless on the self-penned 1993 novel Pirate?


Erik: Oh wow… I’m not sure of the answer to this one, but I can’t wait to picture some of my guesses.

Me: Take a guess, you’ll love this one

Erik: Wait a minute… is this a trick questions? Is it Fabio?

Me: YES! It is Fabio!

Erik: You bastard

Me: Can you picture it?

Erik: Yes, I bet it’s a literary masterpiece too.

Me:: ..and some sweet eye candy to boot. Well, you finished strong and got 3 out of 6 questions correct. Is there anything you’d like to say?

Erik: Wow, 50 percent, right in the middle. That’s where I like to be not too weak, not too strong. Just run of the mill. Really want to thank you for this opportunity, Tom.

Me: The pleasure was all mine.

.el sway


One response to “What You Know About That?

  1. Wow. Erik really comes across as the douche he is in this interview. Nice job, Tom. I mean, you’re a douche too, so it was like reading two douches douching it up with each other. Now that I’ve pictured that, Fabio naked sounds somewhat more appealing.

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