Dispatches From An Alter Ego

On an alternate plane of existence, I am deeply involved in the world of Minor League Baseball. Every once in a while, however, these two worlds overlap, like when I decide to post a blog such as this:

Today, the Clinton LumberKings of the Midwest League unveiled an updated version of their logo.

The Old (featuring handlebar mustache, ill-defined biceps, and board-with-nail-in-it baseball bat):


The New (featuring a bulked-up, goatee’d, bat-wielding Louie):


Now, I’m sure everyone remembers the climax of The Good Son, a mid-90s Macaulay Culkin vehicle. If not, here’s a refresher from ruinedendings.com

“Henry (Macaulay Culkin) drowned his baby brother, Richard out of sibling jealousy. He and Mark (Elijah Wood) end up dangling on the edge of the cliff, both clinging on to Susan (Wendy Crewson). Susan, finally realizing her son Henry is indeed beyond saving, lets him fall to his death onto the sea rocks below, and saves Mark, her nephew.”

Okay, I’m getting somewhere here. If you were in Susan’s position, and were holding onto both Louies as they dangled off the edge of a cliff, which one would you save?

Choose wisely, and please let me know your opinions on this crucial matter.


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