What? Who Said That?

According to a European Heart Journal study

“A little alcohol combined with a healthy active lifestyle may be the best recipe for a longer life.”

Really? Is this like one of those things that Maxim Magazine posts that reads, “75%percent of chicks give anal on the first date!” and then you’re supposed to cut it out and carry it in your wallet and happen to take it out when your on a first date with a girl at a college bar (or something like that…)?


Let’s read on..

A Danish team found people who led an active lifestyle were less prone to heart disease – but the risk was cut still further if they drank moderately.

However, UK experts warned people should not be encouraged to drink, as too much alcohol can be very damaging.”

Wait, what? So, should I drink or not?


But, do I have to exercise?


The answer is “yes.”

“Physical activity has shown greater benefits to heart health and overall health in previous research compared to drinking alcohol.

Get out! So, what say you? Shall we fill our water bottles with Alize and make our way to the old wrestlin’ mat for a little tushi pushy? Yeah, we probably should. You know, for our health.

. el sway


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