That’ll Shut ‘Em Up

We in Lolabrigada do not follow politics, largely because we do not care what is happening in the world at large. We can barely muster the energy necessary to care about ourselves, so investing our time and energy towards the “greater good” is a concept that leaves us completely cold. And bored. And soft.

Nonetheless, we have recieved word that Mr. Barack Obama is doing fairly well these days, and that is prompting insufferable Volkswagen drivers across the land to shout “Gobama!” as they shuttle back and forth between Ikea and Whole Foods.

While my first reaction to this phenomenon was to shout “Fuck You!” and smash my head against a telephone pole in a futile act of half-assed self-immolation, I quickly developed a smarter, more effective technique.

Now, when I hear “Gobama!” spring forth from the lips of  some douchebag in a Shins t-shirt, I simply yell “Iran!” right back at them.

Get it? “Gobama Iran!”

Because terrifying global conflict is a big fucking joke. 

Man, I think Tom should write these blog entries from now on.    


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