1/4 Hoops, 3/4 Shopping.

While it might not be a well known fact, but 1 member of Lolabrigada is a basketball visionary. A real “buff,” if you will. Well, with the playoffs upon us our residnet Dr. elHoop (doctoral thesis in ‘Bozi Wells v. Rafer Alston: Jeff will join Stan in the dessert on his own accord.’) will correctly predict the outcome of the post season ball. Please join the Doc and remove your hats as we bring you… Lola Hoops.

Oh, and any money you make off this prediciton goes to me.*

NBA Finals:

How they get there, that’s up to you. But, in my esteemed estimation and with a natural East coast bias, I thorooughly endorse the Pheonix Suns to defeat the Cleveland Cavaliers in 6 games. Why? Well, I wanted to pick the Mavs, but… Dirk? And I’d actualyl love to see future Knick LeBron James win a ring this year, but then I saw this…


Really Cleveland? Really? All the Grady Sizemore’s in the world couldn’t help you now. I suspect that Mark Price could, but that’s besides the point…

Mark it down – Suns over Cavs in 6.

*(Lolabrigada does not condone gambling on sports. Only its members do)


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